'Life in the City' trailer


50% off for current Cities XL players, 20% off for new players, and new website opens

In Cities XXL, you build, develop and manage cities with millions of inhabitants on over 65 huge maps powered by an improved engine; many of the 1000+, unique-looking buildings featuring animated city life, with citizens strolling through the streets. They will even dress representative of the neighborhood they’re in and the citizen class they’re part of, so be sure to take care of those noise and smog pollution levels, which are now managed on a local level in Cities XXL. To discover the potential for civilian life in your city, take a look at the new ‘Life in the City’ trailer!

We are also pleased to announce that loyal Cities XL players are entitled to a 50% discount off their purchase of Cities XXL on Steam. All information about this special loyalty offer and how to benefit from it are detailed on the Steam page of the game. Finally, new players who wish to discover Cities XXL for the first time can benefit right now from a 20% discount as a pre-order offer.

Cities XXL will be released very soon.